Julie Fisheye

Growing up I was always interested in nature and I thought back then that I would become a botanist but that was not how my life story unfolded. Instead, like many other people, my life took a different turn and I worked a number of different jobs in which none of them really ignited my passion or helped inspire me to further develop my artistic talents. However, throughout my adult life I continued to enjoy doing various arts and crafts in my free time as a form of relaxation. Many of my friends were impressed with the range, scope, and unique beauty of the art that I create and suggested that I had artistic talents that I should turn into a full-time career but I was not really that receptive to those suggestions at the time. It actually took a very difficult time in my life for that spiritual person inside of me, which I believe is what inspires my art, to come to the forefront. Ironically, many of the earlier jobs that I have done have given me skills that I can now draw upon to compose my pictures and art as well as complete the practical tasks associated with presenting my work such as framing my artwork myself. Giving voice to that spiritual person inside of me has changed my life such that now I only want to pursue my art. Initially, I was hesitant in embracing the idea that my artwork could become my career until I met other artists who were making a living with their artwork and I realized that I had the talent to do the same. Now I know that my unique style of leaf paintings that marries together my love of plants & nature in general with my strong belief in the healing properties of the cannabis plant can be inspirational to many others especially those folks struggling with health issues like I have in the past but no longer do. Even though my artwork is very time consuming because drying leaves and preserving their natural beauty is very complex, the finished product is always a labor of love that takes my breath away